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Court Martial

Sunday 5th July,2020

The Court Martial in Ophthalmology brings on stage a panorama of Scientific Challenges faced by surgeons in Ophthalmology and discusses the intense decision making involved and its outcome.

1. The Stage: A court room in session comprising of the Two Honorable Supreme Judges, Seven Honorable Jury Members, Six Defendants, the Public Prosecutor and Two Defense Counsel.

2. Each Defendant/Presenter from different super specialties presents a 4 minute video on a challenging situation in Phaco or Refractive surgery, a post operative complication that has occurred or an intra - operative difficult situation that has been managed.

3. The Defendant/Presenter concludes the videos with how he/she dealt with the situation and the follow up results and pleads GUILTY or NOT GUILTY!

4. The Public Prosecutor will discuss the case, its difficulties; the approach adopted by the presenter and suggests any other probable approach towards management of the given case.

5. The Defense Counsel helps the defendant with his judicious comments.

6. The Audience participate with their critical comments or appreciation.

7. The learned Jury finally discuss the merits and demerits of the cases presented and give their verdict, GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY!