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Ophthalmic Premier League

Sunday 5th July,2020

The Ophthalmic Premier League (OPL) symposium is akin to the American football league games, only difference being that the OPL is connected to ophthalmology. The idea here is to have 4 teams comprising of 4 members in each team

1. Each team member will be given 4 minutes to show his / her most challenging cataract / complication cataract case through videos
2. Each team will be given a total of 18 minutes, this will be followed by discussions
3. The ARS (Automatic response system) will be provided to the audience to vote for their favourite Team, Best Entertainer and Best Video
4. The judges and audience helps in awarding the presenters and team with the 3 titles, best video,best entertainer and best team

PS: Each team lead needs to ensure that the OPL video is uploaded in the preview room by 7 AM on Sunday, 5th July 2020