July 10th 2021, Saturday

Ball Room B

8.30 – Ophthalmic Advances
Chairman – Ashok Grover
Co-Chairman – Abhisekh Dagar
Convenor – Amit Porwal
Co-Convenor – Arun Sethi
Moderator – Aditya Kelkar

8.30 – Tuck-in-Tenon’s Graft for Corneal Perforations- Sharmila- Chennai

8.37 – The Activesentry Experience- Saurabh Luthra- India

8.44 – Triple Procedure Dsaek With Sft & Glued IOL – Sujatha Mohan, Chennai

8.51 – Limbal Stem Cell Transplantation: “What’s the Future?” – Ashiyana Nariani- Pune

8.58 – Smartphone Toric Marking – Swati Agarwal, Kolkata Pune

9.05 – IOL Scaffold and Miloop for Morgagnian Cataracts – Dr. Vivekanandan R, Puducherry

9.12 – On Deadly Ground- Tackling Posterior Polar Cataracts – Top Pearls- Harshul Tuk, Jaipur

9.19 – Cataract Surgery in Soft Posterior Polar Cataract -the Chip and Dissect Technique – Shikka Bassi, Chennai

9.26 – Milloop for Hard Cataracts- Tips and Tricks to Improve Safety and Success – Sheetal Brar, Bengaluru

9.33 – Secondary IOL’s in Challenging Situations – Jenin Patel, Mumbai

9.40 – 50 Shades of White: Managing White Cataracts – Arun Kshetrapal, Ajmer

9.47 – Phaco in Preexisting PCR – Ajoy Paul, Kolkata

9.54 – Lessons Learned in Covid Times : Aerosol Andaair Circulation for Safety – Samaresh Srivastava, Jaipur

10.01 – Hooks, Rings & Segments: Bail out the Subluxated Cataract!- Anagha Heroor, Mumbai

10.08 – Genesis of Posterior Capsular Tear: How to Prevent It- Tushar Agarwal, Delhi

10.15 – Discussion

10.15 – Iirsi Challenging Cases: Keiki Mehta Award

Ritika Sachdev , Priya Narang, Rohit Om Parkash, Sonu Goel, Rajesh Sinha

Ashok Grover
Sudhank Bharti
Chitra Ramamurthy
Deepak Mishra
Harshul Tuk
Jeewan Titiyal
Kapil Vohra
Lav Kochagway
Navneet Toshniwal
Partha Biswas
Maj Gen Jks Parihar
Ruchi Goel
Michael Tsatsos
Mohan Rajan

12.00 – Coffee

14.00 – What Will You Do ?

Moderators: T P Lahane, D Ramamurthy and Ragini Parekh

This symposium will deal with problems and iallema while treating common conditions. Because of Google, Patients them self come with suggestions for treatment. There are different ways and opinions about treatment. This course will deal with guiding the correct way of treatment with the help of experts and opinion of all the Delegates. Common cases will be presented by Panelists. Then Delegates will be asked how they will prefer to manage such cases and expert will give their opinion about the management. Then presenter will show how he has managed the case.

Swapnesh Sawant,
Ankit Tomar
Manish Shah,
Hemalini Samant,
Sumeet Lahane

Lalit Verma,
Namrata Sharma,
Suhas Haldipurkar,
Abhay Vasavada
Keiki Mehta
Preetam Samant
S Natarajan
Rohit Shetty
Sonu Goel
Robert Ang
Richard Davidson
Ricardo M Nose
Inder Paul Singh
Jodhbir Mehta

15.45 – Improving Ophthalmology
Chairman- Ashu Agarwal
Co-Chairman- Avnindra Gupta
Convenor- Vaishali Vasavada
Co-Convenor- Vardaman Kankaria
Moderator- Kps Malik

15.45 – Anterior Segment Oct in the Management of Corneal & Ocular Surface Disorders- Sushmita Shah, Mumbai

15.52 – To be hanged until Death – ‘the. Subluxated IOL’- Himanshu Mehta, Mumbai

15.59 – Clinical Outcomes of Laser Scleral Microporation- Robert Ang- Phillipines

16.06 – Sebaceous Cell Carcinoma of Lid : My Experience- Ruchi Goel, Delhi

16.13 – Phaco in Ifis – Ritika Sachdev, Delhi

16.20 – Iris Hooks Pearls and Pitfalls- Bharti Kashyap, Ranchi

16.27 – Scleral Fixated IOL, Case based Presentation – Anirban Tarafdar, Bareilly

16.34 – Tips and Tricks to Negotiate Smile- Radhika Tendon, Delhi

16.41 – Multifocality in Paediatric Myopia- Shruti Nishanth, Chennai

16.48 – Running a Dry Eye Clinic in Government Set Up- Sumeet Lahane, Mumbai

16.55 – Tips and Tricks in Phakic IOL’s- Madhavi Rao, India

17.02 – Prk Vs Lasik : What Does the Retrospective Analysis Highlight- Reena Sethi, Delhi

17.09 – Community Service With Ophthalmic Practice : a Force Multiplier ?- Arun Sethi, Delhi

17.16 – Close

15.45 – Improving Ophthalmology
Chairman- Ashu Agarwal
Co-Chairman- Avnindra Gupta
Convenor- Vaishali Vasavada
Co-Convenor- Vardaman Kankaria
Moderator- Kps Malik

17.15 – Changing Aspects in Ophthalmology
Chairman- Reena Choudhary
Co-Chairman- Minu Mathen
Convenor- Fazili Sajjad
Co-Convenor- Bharti Kashyap
Moderator- Deepak Mishra

17.15 – Clinical Experience With Supracor Presbylasik and Transepithelial Prk- Robert Ang- Phillipines

17.22 – Phacoemulsification Through the Tough Dua’s Layer in Bb Dalk, a Thrilling Experience- Tarek Katamish- Egypt

17.29 – Management of Dysphotopsias After Cataract Surgery- Richard Davidson- USA

17.36 – Corneal Sutures After Radial Keratotomy Disasters – Ricardo Nose, Brazil

17.43 – Optimisation of Flacs in Eyes With Ovd- Jodbir Mehta, Singapore

17.50 – Suturing Dislocated IOL to the Iris or to the Sclera- Saleh Saif Al Messabi

17.57 -The Artis Symbiose – Mix and Match by Design- Sheraz Daya- UK

18.04 – Speculum-less Single Incision Topical Cataract Surgery- Inder Paul Singh- USA

18.11 – Cataract and Ifis- Michael Tsatsos- Greece

18.18 – IOCT: Intraoperative Decision Making in Challenging Cataract Surgery – Jeewan Titiyal- Delhi

18.25 – Customised Laser Ablation Combined With Corneal Crosslinking for Corneal Ectasia- Fogla Rajesh- Hyderabad

18.32 – Post Rk Cataract: Be Ready for the Surprise!! – Anagha Heroor- Mumbai

18.39 – Mystics of Biometry in Extremes of Axial Length- Chitra Ramamurthy, Coimbatore

18.46 – Close