July 11th 2021, Sunday

Ball Room B

8.00 – The Big Standoff – Dilemmas in Cataract & Refractive Surgery Busted

Anchor: Gaurav Luthra and Kumar Doctor
The Dream Team Will Discuss Threadbare Each Challenging Case Thrown Up by the Anchor.

The Dream Team:
Lamis Baydoun
Jodhbir Mehta
May Zun- Burma
Ricardo M Nose
Robert Ang
Harshul Tak
Namrata Sharma
Nitin Balakrishnan
Sonu Goel
Ritika Sachdev
Ajoy Paul
Harbans Lal
Anagha Heroor
Kapil Vohra
Rohit Shetty

The Wise Men & Women Will Have the Final Say
The Wise Men and Women
Michael Tsatsos
Inder Paul Singh
Sheraz Daya
Saleh Saif Al Messabi
Richard Davidson
Tarek Katamish
Gs Dhami
Rupal Shah
Rohit Omparkash
Mahipal Sachdev
Sujatha Mohan
Jagat Ram
Kamal Kapur

Real Life Case Situations Will Include:
Dilemmas & Controversies in Cataract Surgery
– Sics Vs Phaco Vs Femto for Black Cataract
– Glued Iol Vs Sfiolvs Iris Claw for Secondary Iol
– Toric Iol Vs Femto Lri for Astigmatism
– Small Pupil – Malyugin’s Ring Vs Hooks Vs Bhattacharjee Ring

Selecting the Right Premium Iol:
Dilemmas & Controversies in Cataract Surgery
– Pediatric Cataract – Multifocal Vs Monofocal?
– Unilateral Cataract – Multifocal Vs Monofocal?
– Previous Refractive Surgery – Multi Vs Monofocal?
– Refractive Surprise – Lasik Vs Piggyback Iol?

Refractive Surgery Challenging Cases – Decision Making:
Dilemmas & Controversies in Refractive Surgery
– Lasik or Prk or Best Left Alone
– Icl or Refractive Lens Exchange?
– Lasik Extra or Intacs With Cxl?
– Grey Areas in Daily Cataract/refractive Practice & Many More..

To Be or Not to Be? That Is the Question
Join Us !
For the Mother of All Debates Between the Best of the Best on Tough Decision Making in Cataract & Refractive Surgery.

9.10 am – Ophthalmic Photography Awards- Hosted by Gaurav Luthra

9.30 am – Coffee

9.45 Am – Isckrs Session:
Indian Society of Cornea and Kerato
Refractive Surgeons Session

Transcending Challenges in Kerato-refractive Surgeries
Chairman- Jeewan Tityal
Co-chairman- Shashi Kapoor
Convenor- Namrata Sharma
Co-convenor- Ambarish Darak
Moderator- Rajesh Sinha

Talk Duration: 7 Minutes

1. Lasik: Femto Vs Microkeratome : Manpreet Kaur
2. Managing Lenticule Remnants in Smile: Chitra Ramamurthy
3. Smile- Simplified : Jeewan S Titiyal
4. Dsaek in Difficult Situations : Rajesh Sinha
5. Handling the Dmek Roll Inside the Eye: Namrata Sharma
6. Pk: Art of Suturing : Quresh Maskati
7. Phakic Iol Surgeries Challenges: Sonu Goel

11.00 – Close

14.00 – Pot- Pourri
Chairman- Samir Narang
Co-chairman- Rajendra Prasad
Convenor- Kamal Kapur
Co-convenor- P S Brar
Moderator- Kapil Vohra

14.00 – Circle Brings Back the Smile – Vardhaman Kankaria, Pune

14.07 – Post Cataract Surgery Management Battle in Patients With Recurrent Uveitis, Uncontrolled Diabetes and Compromised Kidney- Satyajit Sinha-patna

14.14 – Presbyopic Lasik Where Are We Today- Kumar Doctor- Mumbai

14.21 – Mda Levels Following Flacs-
Jodhbir Mehta- Singapore

14.28 – Lasik –complications- Arun Baweja, Delhi

14.35 – Building a Digital Presence for a Refractive Practice – Ritika Sachdev, Delhi

14.42 – Myopia Prevalence in India: Four Decades of Data- Rohit Saxena, Delhi

14.49 – Coming Out Successful Through Challenging Situations – Jenin Patel, Mumbai

14.56 – Cataract Surgery With Presbyopia Correction -the Different Options- Shikha Bassi- Chennai

15.03 – Dwek as an Alternative for the Treatment of Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy- Ricardo M Nose- Brazil

15.10 – Pre-clinical Diabetic Retinopathy – Oct-a a Boon !- Pooja Sinha- Patna

15.17 – Can-vac Ccc-a Novel, Inexpensive Capsulorhexis Technique for Intumescent Cataracts – Shreesh Kumar- Coimbatore

15.24 – Soft Cataract – Saepn Technique- Harbans Lal- Delhi

15.31 – Discussion

15.30 – Latest in Ophthalmology
Chairman- Sujatha Mohan
Co-chairman – Nishanth Mathivanan
Convenor- Nisha Sinha
Co-convenor- Arun Sethi
Moderator- Anand Parthasarthy

15.30 – Can Smile Replace Lasik/ Prk Anytime Soon?- Gaurav Luthra, Dehradun

15.37 – Combined Phaco With Ecp in Glaucoma Patients – Reena Manchanda Choudhry – Delhi

15.44 – Capsulorhexis Management in Open Sky Cataract Surgery- Bhupesh Singh, Delhi

15.51 – Sizing the Icl / Ipcl With
Right Imaging- Pooja Khamar, Bengaluru

15.58 – Financial Investment in Ophthalmic Practice : the Way Forward- Arun Sethi, Delhi

16.05 – Surface Ablation – Safe and Simple – Madhavi Rao, Vijaywada

16.12 – 3d !!! : Dangling , Decentered, Dislocated Lenses and Iols.- Shrinivas Joshi, Hubli

16.19 – Pseudomonas Keratitis and Steroids- Hit the Iron When It Is Hot- Madhu Uddaraju- AP

16.26 – Ifis : Seven Steps to Success – Mohan Rajan, Chennai

16.33 –  Pediatric Cataract Surgery – Different Scenarios – Lav Kochgaway, Kolkata

16.40 – Surgical Management of Acute Hydrops- Sujatha Mohan, Chennai

16.47 – A Closer Look at the Eye Before Choosing the Iol- Niveditha N, Chennai