July 10th 2021, Saturday

Ball Room D

8.30 – Yo – Ophthalmology
Chairman- Rengaraj Venkatesh
Co-chairman- B P Kashyap
Convenor- Shrinivas Joshi
Co-convenor-ashok Moolani
Moderator- Reena Sethi

8.30 – Phaco in Colobomatous Eyes – Pratheeba Devi Nivean – Chennai

8.37 – CM T Flex Iol – a New Option for Aphakia – M Nivean, Chennai

8.44 – Optimise the Surface- Modern Dry Eye Diagnostics – Rx Prior to Cataract Sx – Nikhil Balakrishnan, Mumbai

8.51 – Torn Rhexis:prevention and Management Strategies – Tushya Om Parkash, Punjab

8.58 – Prechop ‘an Easier and Safer Technique- Wint Wah Hlaing – Myanmar

9.05 – Predictive Modeling in Refractive Surgery – Future- Pooja Khamar, Bengaluru

9.12 – Paediatric Cataract – What’s New – Vaishali Vasavada, Jaipur

9.19 – 5 Steps for Perfect Phaco – Arulmozhi Varman, Chennai

9.26 – Angle Closure Disease and Cataract Extraction – Chandrima Paul, Kolkata

9.33 – Management of Soft Cataracts- Gitansha Sachdev, Coimbatore

9.40 – Phacoemulsification in Compromised & Hazy Corneas – Shreyas Ramamurthy, Coimbatore

9.47 – 3D Experience- Jai Kelkar, Pune

9.54 – Toric Iols in Special Situations – Shail Vasavada, Ahmedabad

10.01 – Endothelial Changes Following Accelerated Collagen Cross Linking for Keratoconus – Bharati Lavingia, Ahmedabad

10.15 – Discussion

10.15 – Pan-Ophthalmology
Chairman-arun Baweja
Co-chairman- Shreyas Ramamurthy
Convenor- Tushya Om Parkash
Co-convenor- Samaresh Srivastava
Moderator-gitansha Sachdev

10.15 – Optimising Refractive Outcomes With Pesbyopia Iols – Harun Ur Rashid, Bangladesh

10:22 – Iol Scaffold in Intact Posterior Capsule- Surya Gupta – Kolkata

10:29 – Fishing for Pearls .. (Elschnig’s) – Tejas Shah, Ahmedabad

10:36 – . Tips to Enhance Phako Results – Newer Phako Tips to Improve Performance of Phako Procedures – Nitin Balakrishnan, Mumbai

10:43 – Avoiding Toric Misalignment – Krishna Prasad Kudlu, Udipi

10.50 – Binocular Outcomes in Cataract and Refractive Procedures – Rohit Saxena, Delhi

10.57 – Step by Step Approach to a Phakic Lens Procedure!
– Reshma Jhaveri, Mumbai

11:04 – Sewing Needle Micro Capsulotomy: New Technique to Avert Argentinian Flag Sign- Rajendra Prasad, Delhi

11:11 – Dry Eye: What Is in the Pipeline for 2022 and Beyond?- Quresh Masktai, Mumbai

11.18 – 6/6, N6— Spectacle Free Patient- Dream or a Reality- an Overview- Vinod Arora, Dehradun

11:25 – Corneo Scleral Perforation Repair- Sanjiv Mohan, Delhi

11.32 – Role of Atropine for Preventing Myopia Progression-subhash Dadeya- Delhi

11.39 – Customising Refractive Outcomes in Cataract Sx – Debasish Bhattacharya, Kolkata

11.46 – Pearls for Zepto Cataract Surgery in Difficult Cataract Cases- Suresh Pandey, Kota

11.53 – Aligned Chopping in Phacoemulsification- Dharmendra Nath, UP

12.00 – Transepthelial Prk- Rupal Shah, Vadodara

12.07 – Covid Pandemic.
Turning It Into a Good Crisis
New Learnings- Samina Zamindar- Bengaluru

12.14 – Refractive Surgery With Cxl in Keratoconus- Vardhaman Kankaria, Pune

12.21 – Cataract Surgery in Diabetic Patients- Shruthi Kankaria, Pune

12.28 – My 35 Years Journey of Refractive Surgery 1985 to 2020- Prakash Kankaria, Ahmednagar

12.35 – Phaco in Hard Cataract – Some Myths- Navneet Toshniwal, Solapur

12.42 – Micropulse Laser for Glaucoma: Pearls and Pitfalls- Vineet Sehgal, Delhi

12.49 – Lenticule Assisted Cross Linking- Bhupesh Singh, Delhi

12.15 – Inauguration

13.00– Lunch

14.00 – Glaucoma Symposium
Chairman- Shikka Bassi
Co-chairman- Reshma Jhaveri
Convenor- Sheetal Brar
Co-convenor- Ramesh Doriaraj
Moderator- Shail Vasavada

14.00 – Combined Surgery –
Cataract Combined
With Trabeculectomy- Amit Porwal, Indore

14.07 – Migs for Developing World – Rengaraj Venkatesh, Puducherry

14.14 – Experience With Migs- Michael Tsatsos- Greece

14.21 – Surgical Management of Dysfunctional Blebs – Reena Manchanda Choudhry- Delhi

14.28 – Tonometers- Glorious Past and Bright Future – Deepak Mishra, Varnasi

14.35 – Update on Cataract/migs/drug Delivery and the Future of Migs- Inder Paul Singh- USA

14.42 – Iop Rise in & After Cataract Surgery- J S Bhalla, Delhi

14.49 – Glaucoclaw – a Device for Closed Angle Glaucoma- Kiranjit Singh, Amritsar

14.56 – Ologen Implant in Trabeculectomy – Samir Narang, Ahmedabad

15.03 – Flacs in Management of Angle Closure Glaucoma – My Experience- Swati Singh, Delhi

15.10 – Valves& Shunts – Tips for a Successful Implant- Chandrima Paul-kolkata

15.17 – Neovascular Glaucoma- Not All Is Lost- Prashant Bawankule- Nagpur

15.24 – Oct Angio in Glaucoma- Aaditreya Varman, Chennai

15.31 – Discussion

15.45 – Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery
(Symposium of the International Society for Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery-ismsics)
Chairman- Quresh Maskati
Co-chairman- Ranjit S Dhaliwal
Convenor- M S Ravindra
Co-convenor- Kamaljeet Singh
Moderator- Satanshu Mathur

15.45 – Training Residents in Msics. Chevron Incision in Msics.- Manisha Rathi, Rohtak

15.52 – Beginners’ Mistakes-preeti Zingade, Belgaum

15.59 – Pre Operative Considerations in Msics- Ravi Trehan, Hanumangarh

16.06 – Ovds in Msics and Hydroprocedures in Msics.- Arun Baweja, New Delhi

16.13 – Visco / Hydro Expression of Nucleus- Quresh Maskati, Mumbai

16.20 – New Strategies for Nucleus Management in Msics. How Small Is Small? – Sohel Irfan Khan, Bidar

16.27 – Msics in Small Pupil- Jayashree Baruah, Tezpur

16.34 – Management of Astigmatism in Sics.- Pranav Saluja, Allahabad

16.41 – Smart Sics- Kukkesubrahmanya, Mysore

16.48 – Beauty in M6 Surgery!
– Ms Ravindra, India

16.55 – Discussion

17.14 – Close

17.15 – When the Going Gets Tough in Cataract Surgery : the Tough Get Going
Chairman- Harshul Tuk
Co-chairman-preetam Samant
Convenor-nitin Balakrishnan
Co-convenor- Suresh Pandey
Moderator- Jai Kelkar

In This Video Symposium the Presenter Will Show and Discuss a Tough Case of Cataract Surgery. The Discussants Seeing the Case for the First Time Will Pause the 
Case in Between at Crucial Steps and Discuss What Could Have Been Done Differently at That Particular Step and the Final Outcome Will Be Shown by 
the Presenter. This Will Bring Out Many Key Teaching Points for the Audience and Different Ways of Managing a Challenging Case.
The Toughest Guy and Toughest Girl Will Be Awarded at the End of the Session

S.No Presenter (5min) Discussant (5 Min)
1. Dr. Gaurav Luthra Dr. Rohit Omprakash
Dr. Kumar Doctor
2. Dr. Rohit Omprakash Dr. Priya Narang
Dr. Lionel Raj
3. Dr. Harshul Tak Dr. Jenin Patel
Dr. Gaurav Luthra
4. Dr. Kumar Doctor Dr. Parul Sharma
Dr. Arun Jain
5. Dr. Jenin Patel Dr. Vinod Arora
Dr. Vardhman Kankariya
6. Dr. Jagat Ram Dr. Subhash Prasad
Dr. Sanjay Choudhary
7. Dr. Sheetal Mahuvakar Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Dr.Aditya Kelkar
8. Dr. Parul Sharma Dr. Jagat Ram
Dr. Sheetal Brar
9. Dr. Priya Narang Dr.Vandana Jain
Dr. Sonal Kalia

18.45 – Close

20.00 – Entertainment Programme

0.30– Dinner